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When we embody our truest, Wildest Selves, we transform much more than our lives. 

We transform the world. 
I coach because I wish for us, as women+, to have the freedom to live life on our own terms.


Because when we do, we bring our greatest gifts to the world and leave everyone better off along the way.
My Story

Hello, I’m Emma


I’m here to help you examine and overcome the thoughts, beliefs, values, and behaviors that are no longer serving you. 


By unearthing who you really are beneath all the conditioning that we collectively receive, you can develop your intuition, wisdom, and sense of self, which will enable you to live a life you truly love. 


Together, we’ll work toward the goal you’ve come to me for, while also working to bring you closer to the happiness and fulfilment you seek. All by being entirely yourself. 

Coaching Offerings

A collaborative space where, over either six or twelve months, we will work together toward your individual goal. 

By first removing the obstacles to your success, we will move you towards happiness and fulfillment by being completely yourself.

A six-month exploration of your life, beliefs, values, and influences as a woman+. 


It will support you in untethering from conditioning, examining limiting beliefs around womanhood and value, and tapping into your true power.

The Wild Woman Community is here to support you in being your fullest, truest, Wildest Self in the company of other women+ and men+ who are working on the same thing.

Because Wild...
is better together.
What People Are Saying About Emma...

"Emma is this fierce, wise presence but instead of an edge there’s a flow and a nurturance to her. When she's in a room my whole self feels taken care of.   A visionary of not only possibility but of truth and the desire and gumption to bring those truths out of the women she serves and subsequently the world."

—Andrea Leda, Sought-after Master Coach, Teacher, and Mentor

"I have done lots of self discovery and self growth work through therapy and other means like anxiety work in group therapy through the years and all has been useful; but nothing connected the dots and moved the needle forward for me as much as this coaching work. It will change your life—if you let it. I am forever grateful to Emma and to the program she has created and continued to grow. My wish is that as many folks as possible can experience what I have. It’s like learning to really live again when you didn’t even know you weren’t actually living. It’s freedom, hope, expansion, and joy all at once. It’s learning to be a better person for everyone else, but mostly and most importantly— for you. It’s becoming who you’ve always been and letting go of all else that doesn’t serve you. Do it; I promise you will not regret it."

—Betsy, Founder/Co-owner and Director of Product and Design at Betsy & Iya

"Emma has been instrumental in helping along the critical path to discovering what 'really matters' in my life. After 35 years of working as a business executive, I wanted to make sure the next act was meaningful and directed. I wanted to make sure I wasn't letting old patterns and self-imposed expectations keep me from finding my true calling. I have found Emma to be immensely insightful, asking the important questions and guiding me in new ways to find answers and clear away the emotional debris. I am beyond excited to continue challenging myself to find new paths, with Emma's help, to happiness, fulfillment and a rich and rewarding future. Working with Emma has been truly transformational."

—Shawn, Coaching Client and ex CMO of several billion dollar companies

“She has a way of being that makes me want to keep going, to unearth things that my mind and body may have hidden for lifetimes.  I want her to be the one to uncover these long buried parts of myself, because I know she will help me figure out why they’re there and what to do with them.  She makes me feel willing to look at who I really am.  Very rarely does a human being find their true passion, much less be able to translate that into a gift for all those who are lucky enough to receive it.  That is rare.  So is Emma. I have literally put my heart and soul in her hands.  And can’t wait to do it again!”

—Coaching Client and HR Executive for Major Motion Picture Studio

"Emma is an incredible career and life coach; she expertly guides the conversation to help you get to the root cause of the challenge you're facing, and then works with you to create an action plan that is actually actionable! She invests in understanding every aspect of your life (spiritual, career, wellness, etc.) so that the plan you come up with addresses all aspects of the true root cause, rather than just the symptoms. Also, Emma is inherently a person you feel comfortable opening up too; from the moment you meet her you know you can trust her. I strongly recommend working with Emma to work through the hurdles that life inevitably puts in your path."

—Katrina, Coaching Client and Studio Executive

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