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Becoming Wild

Six months of untethering from conditioning where you will connect to your own true spirit, come to know that you matter deeply, and discover that you have the power to change the world.

Becoming Wild is a six-month exploration of your...





and influences

as a woman+.  


It will support you in untethering from conditioning, examining limiting beliefs

around womanhood and value, and tapping into your innate power.


Through this process, you will find immense strength and fulfillment.  

And when you live from this place, you will empower other women+ to do the same.


Six months of shedding the layers of who you have been told you should be...

to become the person you were born to be. 

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Becoming Wild is for you if...

You are a woman+ who feels called to live—and by doing so help other women+ live—a happier, fuller, and more meaningful life.

  • Do you reach your own milestones but still wonder what more there is to life?  

  • Do you find yourself thinking that life is too short to keep putting off the things that matter to you? 

  • Do you desire to know that you matter, that your life matters, and that you will make a difference in the world?

I created Becoming Wild because I wish for us, as women+, to have the opportunity to live life on our own terms, intentionally. Because when we do, we bring our greatest gifts to the world, and leave everyone better off along the way. 

"I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,   
That’s me."

- Maya Angelou

Our 6-Month Journey Together

Six months of one-to-one coaching to support you in unlocking your Wild Self.

This curriculum is not fixed. It will be tailored to meet your individual needs and to reflect where you already are on your journey to Becoming Wild.

Relaxing on Hammock

Month One - Unlearning

When we are born, we inherit a social contract. For the last few thousand years, that contract has been written by men—for the purposes of men.  

We will examine your life to date, unearth where you have worked within this contract, and choose where you would like to break free.

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Month Two -
Reframing Worth

What have you been told is valuable? By whom? For what purpose? What is your true definition of success? What is happiness as a woman? We will reframe the definitions that you live by to level the playing field and create the space for a happy and balanced life.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Month Three - Rebuilding

Who controls your life? Where did the voice of your inner critic come from? Where is your inner mentor? Have you been valuing her? We will meet them both and untether you from restrictive "shoulds."

Happy Couple

Month Four - Defining

When the conditioning falls away, what do you really value and how do you live that in the world? We will define your values as a woman, which will be a compass alongside your roadmap for life. 

Happy Woman

Month Five - Reclaiming

As women, we have been taught that our value is in what we give of ourselves—as wives, as mothers, as objects. This month, you will come back to yourself and, in the process, create the boundaries you need in order to reclaim your time, your love, and your attention.

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Month Six - Wild

This month you will define your Wild Self and how that shows up for you as aligned action on a daily basis. 

Then, you will begin living your Wild life and modeling it for others. 

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What's Included

6 Months Together


Becoming Wild is 6 months of deep coaching for women+ who are ready to shed who they are supposed to be and become who they are.


12 Transformational Wild Conversations

We meet for a powerful deep dive twice each month (12 conversations total). These conversations are private (1:1) and are 75 minutes each. These conversations will be guided by me, to serve you powerfully. During our time together, you will also experience guided meditations, journal writing, reading, intuitive guidance, NLP, and much more.


Private Online Group - Wild Woman

Enjoy a private space to connect online with other Wild Women. This space is curated by me and is by invitation only. When you commit to Becoming Wild, you automatically become a Wild Woman and a member of this group for the length of your coaching commitment. 


My 6 Wild Places

During our time together, you’ll work through each of the 6 foundational Wild Places: Conditioning, Worth, Inner Voice, Values, Boundaries, and Aligned Actions. This experience is fully guided to support you in transforming yourself, your conditioned stories, and your vision for what’s possible when you free yourself from conditioning, limiting beliefs, and upper limits. 


Wild Questions

You will be given Wild Questions to be completed on a regular basis. This is journal writing like you’ve never experienced it and it will support and nourish you and your process during our time together. 


Unlimited Email Support

To help you get the absolute most from our time together, you’re encouraged to email me for support, check-ins, resources, and more between sessions.

Ad hoc Emergency Calls

Are you having a Becoming Wild emergency? Are your old ways of being and your new ways of being clashing and causing conflict? I will give you my personal phone number. Send me a text and I'll get on the phone with you to talk you through it.

Wild Words

Our six months together will be complimented by an optional reading list. This list will be curated by me, specifically for you, to help achieve maximum Wildness over our time together. 

Program includes: 2 x coaching sessions per month (60 or 75 minutes, depending on your needs) for 6 months, guided journaling and support between sessions, ad hoc "emergency calls" and a reading list. Sessions are held at my home in Pasadena, California or via Zoom depending on client's needs.

Cost: $7,500 payable in 6 monthly installments of $1250 per month.

Working With Emma 

"She is this fierce, wise presence but instead of an edge, there is a flow, and a nurturance to her.  When you are in a room my whole self feels taken care of.  A visionary of not only possibility, but of truth and the desire and gumption to bring those truths out of the women (she serves) and subsequently the world."

—Andrea Leda, Master Life Coach

"My journey through Becoming Wild has been so transformative that it is genuinely difficult to put into words. I have done lots of self discovery and self growth work through therapy and other means like anxiety work in group therapy through the years and all has been useful; but nothing connected the dots and moved the needle forward for me as much as this coaching work. As I write, I’m on a life changing trip to see my father for the first time in 13 years. Layers of pain and conditioning and assumptions and fear and hiding have kept me from this place in my life, and now I am here. It took this work for me to understand that I am worthy of my father’s love. I know for certain I wouldn’t be here without that work. And the work applied to all areas of life, not just familial healing. I am growing in ways I didn’t know possible. I am learning so much about how I got here, how we all got here. "

—Betsy, Founder/Co-owner and Director of Product and Design at Betsy & Iya

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