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Image by Triana Nana

Mystical Slimes

Hi, my name is Jasmine Baltodano and I make "Mystical" slimes. I sell slimes for you I say which slimes I have and you buy and I will ship it to your home depending on how far you are.

Email Me to order or for more info




Mystical Cloud

This slime is a basic blue slime comes with gems and foam beads already inside It is a 1/7 chance that you get a charm this slime is 10$


Mystical Midnight

This is a black charcoal colored slime its a normal style slime And the midnight is there This slime is 12$

Mystical Sun flower

This slime is a basic slime with charms and a 1/3 chance of getting a charm this has gems and foam beads. 14$


Mystical skylight

This is a basic slime with foam beads and gems sorry If there is fallout. 1/4 chance for charm. 16$


Mystical mystery

this slime is a mystery this could be pink, blue, cloud slime, or anything! this is $10

you get what you get!

Green Juices

Custom slime

Email me and make your own slime 15$

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