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Becoming Wilder

Becoming Wilder is...

For women+ who have done the foundational work of defining values, creating boundaries, meeting their inner mentor and coach, and are ready to go deeper into what it means to live life on their own terms.  

Over the course of six months, we will strengthen your relationship with your inner wisdom, cultivate self-love, redefine and harness power and rework your roles to bring you to even greater empowerment and alignment in your own life.

Resting Tiger

"I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,   
That’s me."
- Maya Angelou

Becoming Wilder

Six months of becoming your Wild Self

This curriculum is not fixed.  It will be tailored to meet your individual needs and to reflect where you already are in terms of becoming wild.

Calm Woman

Month one - Wisdom

Your intuition is a powerful tool if you trust it.  This month we will strengthen your relationship with your inner knowing to allow you to stay grounded no matter what is going on around you.


Month two -Relationship

What roles do you play in your current life e.g. daughter, mother, wife, employee, entrepreneur?  What do these roles require of you?  What do they take from you? We will examine these roles in order to redefine what does not serve you.  

Rock Climbing

Month three - Power

Where are you still hooked into old reflections of power?  We will examine your relationship with old power, unearth where you are giving your power away and define what true power means for you. 


Month four - Love

As women we are not encouraged to love ourselves. In order to align with our truest selves and step into our fullest power for good, we must accept and love both ourselves and the world.  The practice of radical self-love is a form of activism and a powerful way to learn to love ourselves and everyone else - we will spend time here this month.


Month five - Sex

Society says that a woman’s sexuality is there to be taken, sold or given away.  In truth, our sexuality is always our own. This month we will examine the power of women’s sexuality and creativity to reclaim it for your own.


Month six - Wilder Self

Our last month together is all about integrating and celebrating the wilder woman you have become.  How will you move differently through the world? You will define your Wilder Self and the daily actions that align with her. 

Fall Essentials

Our 6 Months Together

What's Included

6 Months Together


Becoming Wilder is 6 months of deep coaching for women+ who have done their foundational work and are are ready to deepen their relationships to themselves to become more fully who they were born to be.

12 Transformational Wild Conversations

We meet for a powerful deep dive twice each month, 12 conversations total. These conversations are private (1:1) and are 75 -minutes each. These conversations will be guided by me, to serve you powerfully. During our time together you will also experience guided meditations, journal writing, reading, intuitive guidance, NLP, …and more.

Private Online Group - Wild Woman

You will continue to be part of the Wild Woman community and the work we do there will support your individual work. This space is curated by me and is by invitation only. 

6 More Wild Places

During our time together, you’ll work through 6 more Wild Places: Wisdom, Relationship, Power, Love, Sex and Wilder Self. This experience is fully guided to support you in transforming yourself, your conditioned stories, and your vision for what’s possible when you free yourself from conditioning, limiting beliefs and upper limits. 

Wild Work

You will be given Wild Work to be completed regularly. This will usually be in the form of journal writing and it will carry you and your process during our time together. 

Unlimited Email Support

To help you get the absolute most from our time together please email me for support, check-ins, resources, and more between sessions.

Ad hoc Emergency Calls

Are you having a Becoming Wilder emergency?  Are your old ways of being and your new ways of being causing a conflict in the moment?  I will give you my personal phone number. Send me a text and I'll get on the phone with you to talk you through it.

Wild Words

Our six months together will be complimented by an optional reading list.  This list will be curated by me, specifically for you, to help achieve maximum Wildness over our time together. 

Program includes: 2 x 75 minute coaching sessions per month for 6 months, guided journaling and support between sessions, ad hoc "emergency calls" and a reading list. Sessions are held at my home in Pasadena, California or via Zoom depending on client's needs.

Cost: $7,500 payable in 6 monthly installments of $1250 per month.


"Emma is this fierce, wise presence but instead of an edge, there is a flow, and a nurturance to her.  When you are in a room my whole self feels taken care of.  A visionary of not only possibility, but of truth and the desire and gumption to bring those truths out of the women (she serves) and subsequently the world."

-Andrea Leda, Master Life Coach

"I believe in this work so much that I decided to continue on into the Becoming Wilder work and I couldn’t be more happy with this decision. It’s so beyond facing the hardest and scariest parts of ourselves and well into finding the depths of expansion and ultimate joy. Touching into the depths of what makes us human and how to break free.  Becoming Wild will change your life—if you let it.  My wish is that as many folks as possible can experience what I have. It’s like learning to really live again when you didn’t even know you weren’t actually living. It’s freedom, hope, expansion, and joy all at once. It’s learning to be a better person for everyone else, but mostly and most importantly— for you. It’s becoming who you’ve always been and letting go of all else that doesn’t serve you. Do it; I promise you will not regret it. "

-Betsy, Founder/Co-owner and Director of Product and Design at Betsy & Iya

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