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Wild Woman Community

This is your call!

Let's Get Wild Together!

What is Wild Woman?

Wild Woman is an online community designed to support you in being your fullest, truest, wildest self in the company of other women+ and men+ who are working on the same thing.


During this process, you will be supported by me through online coaching. 


Why did I create Wild Woman?

I created Wild Woman as a way to support more women+ in de-coupling from the limiting beliefs that society has given us. Because I believe that when a woman+ steps out from behind these limiting beliefs to claim her own space and power in the world, then the world is better off. 

Who are my fellow Wild Women?

At the time of writing this, many are: 

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Linked to media industries in some way 

  • Parents, while others aren't

  • Between the ages of 30 and 65

  • All over the world; from the US West and East Coasts to the UK, Portugal, and Singapore.

  • Allies, including men+


What will happen in Wild Woman?


  • I will post articles designed to challenge your beliefs and shed conditioning

  • I will run quizzes related to this Community's central purpose

  • I will hold competitions, "Wildings," and “Wild Workshops”

  • I will be available once a week, live on Zoom, to discuss the content


You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions, get coaching through this network, and connect with your fellow Wild Women.

What will you get from Wild Woman?


  • 3+ posts a week designed to challenge your conditioning

  • Coaching, from me to you, in the comments box

  • A weekly "Wilding" session—this is a 30-minute live group session with me

  • A monthly "Wild Workshop"—this is a 60-minute group coaching workshop with me

  • Monthly free book giveaway

  • A community of fellow Wild Ones

  • I can also guarantee that you will get a little bit wilder just by joining!


What else do you need to know?


  • Wild Woman costs $40 per month

  • You can join from anywhere in the world

  • You can stop participating at any time

  • The Wildings and Workshops are capped at 25 attendees

  • The community itself will be capped at 150 Wild Ones


Just a few more things before you join our Wild Woman Community...


Please take a moment to make sure you can agree to the following.

"Wild Woman has been created as a supportive space for people who identify with the Wild Woman concept, to examine conditioning and speak openly in an atmosphere of inclusivity, respect, consent, and non-judgment.


I understand that my presence and actions in this community will contribute to the culture and, by participating in Wild Woman work, I agree to keep the tenets of consent, non-judgment, and respect front of mind in all interactions on this site."  


If you have questions about this, please email me before joining. If you cannot agree to this, please do not join our Wild Woman Community. 

I hope to see you in the community!


Let's get Wild together!


I stand in solidarity with the black community, the indigenous people of America and all people of color, the LGBTQ+ community and my fellow women+ (those who are wild, and those who are yet to become wild. . .)

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