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Managing Yourself Through Change - April Newsletter

Dear Friends,

This is my first "official newsletter" and Spring seems like exactly the right time to be writing this. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming, new life and rebirth are in the air! If you are receiving this then you are a current or former client or you have expressed interest in coaching.

For me personally, this Spring ushers in arguably the biggest "rebirth" of my life. In April of last year I was a wife with a husband, a four bedroom house and a corporate job. After a traumatic 2018 which included separation and a tumor, I can honestly say that as 2019 unfolds I am probably the happiest I have ever been. I have a new house, a new relationship and a new, deeply fulfilling, career. Was it easy? Far from it! Did I think I was going to fall apart? At a couple of points, yes. Did I develop tools to help me cope through all this change? Absolutely!

I was very lucky to have my coaching training to fall back on, and last year I was my own client. Here are the top three regular practices that helped me cope with such a lot of uncertainty and transition all at once and the anxiety I developed to go along side it:

1. Balanced breathing - this is the fastest, easiest, most effective thing you can do to ease anxiety and just recenter yourself. It's great if you can do at least 5 minutes before you get up in the morning or before you fall asleep at night. Take a deep breath in, as deep as you can. Hold for a couple of beats. Then release as fully as possible - with an "aaahhhh" sound if you can. When I have no other time I do this in the car and even three deep breaths are enough to help me regain my composure.

2. Meditation - even 5 minutes a day is enough to make a difference. I like an app called Breethe. It has free meditations and a course to teach you how to meditate if you haven't done it before.

3. Gratitude - practicing gratitude can put problems into perspective and even prolong your life, apparently. Ideally make your last thoughts before sleep the three things you are grateful for that day. Even in the darkest times I could think of more than that.

I employed many other tools over the last year. Many of which I utilize in my coaching. I frequently asked myself a question that I ask my clients when something seemingly negative and outside of their control is "happening to them". The question is:

"If you can believe for a moment that things happen FOR you, rather than TO you then why is this happening for you now?".

This is such a powerful question. It allows you to reframe any situation into an opportunity. It even worked for my tumor! And yes, it happened FOR me and I really am grateful for it.

Is there anything happening to you at the moment that feels bad and you are having trouble seeing past? If so, take a few deep breaths, pause and ask yourself "Why is this happening for me, now?".

There is always an answer . . .

Sending you love and balance,


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