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Planning for Change

Dear Friends,

I can’t believe we are almost at the end of June. Friday was the Summer Solstice, which is associated with fire, passion, will and drive. This is a great time to plan aligned actions, to choose to walk in step with your beliefs and take note of what is out of balance. The Solstice gives us a window to step into the personal power we have cultivated this past year and translate it into congruent action. I have made so many changes this year so far including a new house and a new career - the foundations are in place, and I’ve spent the last week thinking about how I would like to be living by December, and into 2020. I won't give you the exhaustive list of what I want to be manifesting in 2020 but it includes hosting my own retreats and taking my daughter to Spain for the first time. The roots we grow now will blossom into fruits in the coming months and years.

How would you like to be living by the end of this year?

What behaviors or habits do you need to change or put into place now in order to achieve those outcomes?

What limiting beliefs would you like to shed that are holding you back from those outcomes?

Wishing you love and fulfillment,


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