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The January Blues

Coming back to work, or your daily routine after the holidays can be tough. It's easy to feel that life is routine and predictable. It can make anyone feel low. That's why the idea of the New Year's Resolution is so powerful. We all have grand plans on New Year's Eve of changing our lives for the next year - one resolution at a time. Generally though, those resolutions have died out before January's end. The problem is often the lack of accountability for the resolutions that we have set. Even something as simple as telling a friend about your resolution and asking them to check in with you on it once a week can help you stay on track. Alternatively you can write your resolution in a diary and each day update and journal on your progress. What are you going to change this year? I really should stop eating chocolate and cheese but realistically that's never going to happen! Make sure your resolutions are realistic, achievable and balanced for you.

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